Since eternal youth is impossible, more and more people are joining the anti-aging movement. A movement of doctors who are promoting the means by which they would be arrested as doping dealers in competitive sports.

It also works without doping: senior bodybuilders on the barbell

When Ronald Klatz gives a lecture, the first thing he likes to do is show a picture of muscle-bound 60-year-olds in a bodybuilder pose. “They are our best examples of ideal aging,” he says. “They kept on doing sports, dieting, nutritional supplements, sometimes hormone replacement therapy – so they’re the role model.”

Doctor Ronald Klatz is a co-founder and president of the American Association for Anti-Aging Medicine, which organizes 15,000 American doctors. They promise their patients’ fitness and strength until old age.

More efficient

Seniors in the gym

The origin of anti-aging medicine lies in the practices of sports doctors. When the American Society for …