Signs That You Need a Root Canal

The first time a patient hears they need a root canal they think it has to be done right away. While some root canals are an emergency situation most have warning signs. If you need a root canal it will require a visit to a Vancouver Endodontist which is a dentist that specializes in damage inside rather than outside of a tooth.

Spontaneous pain is a good indicator when it has no known cause. If you’re experiencing significant it’s the result of the tooth being decayed to the point where the nerve is exposed. Even the smallest exposure can cause severe pain. Changing positions from standing to bending over can alter the severity of the pain. Any sudden, severe pain needs to be looked at by your Dentist or Endodontist immediately.

Another sign might be a pimple on your gums similar to a boil, there could be localized swelling from an infected tooth. Often these can decrease in size or seem to disappear. Never attempt to drain any such growth and if you experience something like this never ignore this warning sign.

A darkened tooth that appears to be much darker than your other teeth could signal an infection or nerve damage within the tooth. Your Dentist or Endodontist should be contacted to have them check out the underlying cause.

Gum discomfort when an infected tooth will be in the gum tissue that surrounds that tooth. It’s been described as a relatively painless bump or knot in the gums. Some patients report swelling so pronounced it’s noticeable on the outside of their face.

Patients who have been previously diagnosed with gum disease might believe the swelling is a result of their gingivitis. Gum disease has different symptoms with swelling in the tissue immediately surrounding the tooth. When the cause of swelling is infected tissue from a tooth any swelling originates away from the visible tooth.

Painful chewing can be the result of a cavity but will only cause minor discomfort when eating sugary treats. When a tooth is infected a patient will experience pain when chewing or closing the mouth even without eating anything.That’s a good indication it’s time to call your Dentist or Endodontist without delay.

Pain is a sign there’s a problem and needs to be examined before it becomes a bigger issue. In Vancouver BC patients trust their care to Kitsilano Endodontics, give our receptionist a call today to arrange your appointment.