4 of The Body Shop Singapore’s Bestsellers That You Need Now

The Body Shop continues to be one of the beauty world’s most loved brands because apart from smelling great, everyone knows Body Shop products work. Period. You are sure to get your money’s worth. The Body Shop Singapore sells these four products like hotcakes. You might want to bookmark the Body Shop online after reading this. And yes, like any good beauty aficionado, hoard these when there is a Body Shop sale!

Tea Tree Oil

Say goodbye to those blemishes with this bestseller. The Body Shop has been selling these for many years now and to this day, it is still a favorite especially in Singapore. What makes this concentrate so unique and powerful is that the tea tree leaves are distilled within 12 hours from harvesting. Just how many leaves are we talking about? A 20ml bottle uses 15,000 tea tree leaves!

Drops of Youth Concentrate

The name alone will get you—who does not want to bathe in a product that is called “Drops of Youth”? This serum will make skin softer in an instant. It also addressed skin’s smoothness and will make it appear younger. The best part? It is so easily absorbed by your skin. You will not need any more Facetune or photo filters after using this. Drops of Youth Concentrate refines the appearance of your pores and improves skin texture.

British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence

It is not enough to have moisturized skin. For The Body Shop, your skin should be glowing too. British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence Does just that. This lotion provides 24 hour moisture and it improves your dull skin by giving it a glow right after applying. Your skin feels soft to touch just after rubbing it into your skin once. This lotion is made from hand-picked British roses which means it smells divine. You will not be able to only apply this once a day!

Mediterranean Salt Sea Scrub

Pamper your skin once a week with this bestselling body scrub. The Mediterranean Salt Sea Scrub is a favorite because it is different from most body scrubs. This uses Mediterannean sea salt which is very coarse, thus invigorating your skin better than regular beads. Your skin is instantly transformed via exfoliation just after the first use. Because it is from The Body Shop’s Spa of the World line, it also revitalizes your mind together with your body. Use this the next time you are wearing a short skirt or showing off your arms!

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