Are reclining office chairs good for your back problem?

When investing in office furniture, one ought to think carefully. That’s because they are quite expensive. The furniture also plays a huge role in determining the productivity of employees and the general success of the organization. One of the most thought off options is the reclining office chairs. More so, people what to understand if they are good for a back problem. Through extensive research, the answer is now at your disposal. All that you need to do is read this article. You should be in a position to answer the question and other concerns about reclining office chairs. Read on!

What are Reclining office chairs used for?

There are many reasons as to why reclining office chairs are becoming famous day in day out. They have several uses. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Health benefits

You will be surprised to learn about the many uses of office reclining chairs when it comes to your health. Are you suffering from arthritis? If yes, it is advisable to grab this type of chair. It will help reduce pains and aches. It also improves circulation reducing swollen joints and heavy feet. Thanks to its design, it also relieves stress and pain.

It simplifies navigation

In case you have trouble standing up or sitting down, a reclining office chair is what you need. All you have to do is press a button. Once you do that, you will ascend to a standing position effortlessly.

It improves comfort

Comfort starts with a good posture. You should go to a reclining office chair because it controls your posture perfectly. It also offers the support that you need, especially when sitting for a long period. It also prevents you from suffering from spinal deformities, among them postural deterioration. Equally important, only a little pressure is exerted to discs, spines, and back.

Are Reclining office chairs good for your back problem? Why? 

This is a million-dollar question, and as usual, we have an answer. As far as back pain relief is concerned, it is good to keep in mind that the angle of your backrest is important. Researchers support the claim that reclining office chairs are effective when dealing with back problems, especially lower back pain. It is no secret that your sitting position determines the amount of pressure that you exert on your discs.

Compared to sitting on an upright sitting position, i.e., 90 degrees will exert about 40% pressure on the discs more than when sitting on a chair that reclines about 110 degrees. That’s because a reclined sitting angle not only reduces pressure but also stress acting on your disks. It will, beyond any reasonable doubt, make the condition worse than before. Preferably, recline your reclining office chairs up to an angle of 135 degrees. At the same time, put your legs on the floor.

Most reclining office chairs come with a Footrest and headrest. Those are advantageous when it comes to comfort. Others also have a laptop stand to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when working. The design also ensures that you don’t exert too much pressure on your lower back since you don’t slump forward.

Should every office use Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest?

When it comes to reclining office chairs, many people think that footrests are more of a luxury than a necessity in most cases. At least that’s what many people say. However, is that the truth? Let’s find out.

The benefits of footrests, although unseen, cannot be ignored. First of all, they help in maintaining a great posture. Consequently, you will not have to exert pressure on the back of your legs. Comfort improves even when you have to sit in your office for long hours.

Secondly, it improves blood circulation. It is no secret that lying or sitting for a long time without any activity is not good for the circulation, and once it is compromised, there are dire consequences.

A Footrest can also mark the end of back problems. It is an ideal way of maintaining the right ergonomic angles. It reduces pressure on your back and spine even if you stay in your office for a long time. In addition to that, expect an easing of muscle activity around the spine. Pressure on the lumbar disc will also reduce.


Are reclining office chairs good for your back? At the beginning of the article, that was a question that needed an answer. Fortunately, as we conclude, we now have the answers. After all, the article leaves no stone unturned as far as reclining office chairs. It discusses the various uses of these types of chairs. It also discusses in detail the answer to the questions. Last but not least, it highlights the importance of footrests. With that, you can easily make a decisive decision.